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Wild West Wing

wild-west-wingWild West Wing brings you the authentic taste of Hot Wings right here in Reno and more. Our menu features everything you would expect and some unique items including grilled wings.
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The History of Hot Wings

restrauntOur forefathers used just about every part of the chicken. The wings, back, and neck were used primarily to flavor soups and stocks for the most part.
Commercialization of the poultry market permitted consumers to begin choosing their favorite parts — usually breast, thigh, and leg portions — with the rest of the parts still ending up in soup factories. The result being that the wings fell out of favor until an enterprising restaurateur came up with a chicken wing recipe that would soon sweep the world off its feet.
There is some dispute about who came up with the original hot wing appetizer, but most credit the Anchor Bar in where else but Buffalo, New York, USA.
The date was October 30, 1964, when owner Teressa Bellissimo was faced with feeding her son and his friends a late snack. Having an excess of chicken wings on hand, she fried up the wings, dipped them in a buttered spicy chile sauce, and served them with celery and blue cheese dressing as a dipping sauce to cut the heat. The wings were an instant hit!
Enjoy our wings in the spirit from which they came!